Let's walk through installing RMS 3.0 on your government computer. Click Here to Download these steps in PDF format. Please note that some elements in the steps below have been redacted to comply with ACE-IT security guidelines. The redacted elements in no way compromise the use of this document.

NOTE: ACE-IT ServiceTrak must be used to install RMS 3. You MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE USACE NETWORK to access the ServiceTrak website.

Step 1) go to https://servicetrak.usace.army.mil and click on the Software link on the right side of the page under Application and Server Services

Step 2) Click on the Software Request link under the Services section on the page.

Step 3) Click on the Proceed to Order button located on the right side of the page.

Step 4) Type RMSLauncher version 3 in the text box and click the Search button.

Step 5) Click on the RMSLauncher version 3.0 row that was returned after the search.

Step 6) Fill in the ACE-IT Software Request Checklist and click on the Submit Request button.

Step 7) An email confirmation will be sent notifying you that ACE-IT has received your request from ServiceTrak and that a notice has been sent to your supervisor informing them that their approval is required.

Step 8) Once your supervisor has approved the request you will receive a Supervisory Approval email informing you that approval has been granted for the install.

Step 9) An ACE-IT technician will call or email to schedule the installation time.

Step 10) After the installation has completed you should be able to use the RMS 3.0 application. If you are unable to login to RMS 3 please contact the RMS Support Center for assistance.

Click Here to Download these steps in PDF format.